How can you tell if walnuts are bad?

Usually, walnuts have a mild nutty scent. If they smell more like used cooking oil or stale oil, they're stale. So, in most cases, you'll want to dispose of them. If the walnuts look good, smell them.

If they still have that fantastic nutty smell, they're still fresh. However, if they smell a little sour, like paint thinner, it's best to avoid eating it. The best way to know if the nut is bad is to look at the shell. If it has been damaged, the shell will look wrinkled and shrunk.

In other words, a stale nut will have an unhealthy shell. If the shell looks good, open a few to see what's inside. If you can't tell by the smell of your nuts if they've gone rancid or not, then you can try a little taste test to determine the same. Break a piece of your nut and eat it.

The taste and flavor of the nut immediately repel you. The taste of stale nuts is an unpleasant bitter or bitter taste. If that's what your nuts taste like, spit them out immediately and discard the rest of the broth. The best preventive measures are the nut shell itself, a sealed container, darkness and stable cold temperatures.

Walnuts are among the most popular nuts today due to their excellent flavor, crunch factor and light aroma. If you ever have a moment, take a look at all the nutritional benefits of walnuts and try to include this healthy nut in your diet. Chances are that at least some of the kernels are still intact, even if those nuts are already two years old. As a rule, it is best to wait until you are ready to use the nuts before removing the shell, as this significantly improves their quality.

You'll find that shelled walnuts can last 12 months in the freezer and chopped or ground walnuts for up to six months. Of course, after those 12 months, you'll find stale nuts here and there, but most of the kernels will be fine. If you have purchased a bag of chopped or ground nuts, it is recommended that you store it in the fridge or freezer. Unlike shelled walnuts, shelled walnuts last longer because of the shell that surrounds them that gives them protection.

For walnuts in shell, you can leave them at room temperature in a ventilated bag, or place them in a bag or container and refrigerate them. So, you can expect quality nuts to stay fresh for at least 12 months if they are still in their shell. You can put the walnuts in the fridge as is, as long as the package is not open; there is no need to wrap them further. Although shelled walnuts may be more practical, shelled walnuts include their protective barrier, which means you don't have to worry as much about your storage methods.

Expect shelled walnuts to last a year in the pantry and about 1 to 2 months past their expiration date.

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